Overview of Transformational Trauma Release


TTR will help you take your EFT skills to an exceptional level, whether you are a newcomer or a seasoned practitioner. It will give you effective and efficient ways to offer relief and hope to those with trauma issues, regardless of the depth of trauma. You will be taken through all the necessary steps to enhance and build your skills to a level that will aid you in gaining the basics of working with the many layers and core aspects of trauma.


You will learn to recognize and work with common dissociative states, understand how the body and mind are impacted by trauma, as you gain the confidence to recognize and work through the layers of trauma. Handling flashbacks and intense abreactions without traumatizing yourself or further traumatizing your client are important tools you will learn about. You will gain the wisdom to offer compassionate support and guidance in a manner that is comforts and assures their progress through the process.


It takes you through the necessary steps to restore or gain a sense of peace within, confidence and balance in their lives, as they recover from their trauma experiences. These are steps not often spoke of in detail when the initial focus has been to simply gain relief from the discomfort of trauma.


Phase 1 & 2 of this program are preparatory for our more advanced trainings, which deal with the specifics of sexual abuse and torture, war trauma, natural disaster, the trauma of living with trauma survivors, and more.


Each training course includes self-care and self-clearing, the essential elements to let us thrive and enjoy this work not burn-out.


Time is always allowed for discussions, questions and answers, with plenty of practice time and demonstrations included.


Structure of the Training Program


Phase 1 & 2 of this program are preparatory for our more advanced trainings, which deal with the specifics of sexual abuse and torture, war trauma, natural disaster, the trauma of living with trauma survivors, and more.


Transformational Trauma ReleaseTM (TTR) - Phase 1


Phase 1 incorporates all the required elements of AAMET International Level 1 & 2


Phase 1 combines the powerful tools of EFT and Transformational Trauma Release    . This unique 4-day training utilizes the latest research on trauma, the pathways through and out of trauma, as well as how to best use the valuable tool of EFT with trauma survivors. TTR steps and techniques are woven in with EFT from the beginning, giving the unique opportunity to build a solid foundation with EFT and TTR simultaneously. It will help you develop the confidence you need to work comfortably, effectively and efficiently with the most common elements of trauma and related issues.If you haven't already taken a peak, please take a moment to read the Overview of Transformational Trauma Release below.


It offers and incorporates the techniques and steps required to help regenerate (or perhaps generate for the first time) a sense of wholeness and well-being that allow survivors to enjoy their lives.


This Training Also Offers:


  • Understanding the layers of trauma

  • Knowing how the nervous system responds to trauma, both in the original experience and after and how to help restore its proper balance

  • Knowing what is happening in intense emotional states and methods to safely diffuse them

  • Understanding what intense states can mean in the overall process, when are they progress, when are they re-traumatizing

  • Gaining the confidence to be present with clients in intense states

  • Learning the latest EFT applications and techniques

  • Knowing how and when EFT is useful when working with trauma

  • Safely enhancing the client-practitioner connection to further the process

  • Learning what internal "parts" are in trauma and how they seem to re-enact or prolong the traumatized state - how we understand and work with them

  • Avoiding Burnout - how to not only prevent it, but to thrive in this work


Transformational Trauma ReleaseTM (TTR) - Phase 2

Phase 2 incorporates all the required elements of AAMET Level 3 training.


Phase 2 is a 4 day interactive training that will help you gain a greater level self-awareness, and expand your ability to read and tune in with others. You will find yourself developing your own style, as we help you learn additional skills to build on and solidify those learned in Phase 1. Your confidence will rise as you develop and expand on your art of delivery with EFT blended with TTR.


Key Elements:


  • Together we go more deeply into the essential aspects of self-care and self-clearing to allow you to be stronger, clearer and more self-confident, by helping you clear personal issues that could interfere with your work with others. You will receive personal attention.

  • Develop the art of being more present while remaining safely and compassionately disconnected.

  • Group and individual practice to fine-tune and enhance skills is emphasized, which will include you functioning on the spot as practitioner (with gentle trainer support) with a "client" (fellow student).

  • Interweaving of techniques - the art, benefits, necessity for and how to(s). Reinforcing the steps for client reintegration with self and enjoying life, developing and realizing goals that felt impossible.

  • Learn to recognize severe mental health disorders, such as psychotic symptoms, anorexia, schizophrenia, bi-polar and serious drug addiction .

  • Understand when, why and how to refer clients elsewhere or gracefully step away in the best interest of all.

  • More on how to thrive, enjoy this work, and experience a sense of fulfillment, no matter what.

  • Trusting and using your intuition more effectively

  • Open discussions and time for relevant questions to be answered.


Advanced Training


Offers in-depth specialty training in trauma, including advanced issues in abuse with concurrent issues such as addictions, grief, and anger. Part 2 focuses on specifics of ritual abuse, satanic ritual abuse, mind control, war trauma, natural disaster and accident trauma, and more. Advanced Levels 1 and 2 are prerequisites for Advanced Levels 3, 4 and 5, but Levels 3, 4 and 5 can be taken in any preference or order.


Advanced Levels 1 and 2


These two levels go deeply into detecting and addressing intense emotional states such as types of dissociation, abreaction and cognitive looping. Videos of real sessions with trauma clients are used to see and understand these states in a safe context. Group dialog and guidance help gain confidence in how these states develop and how to bring clients out of them with maximum healing benefit. Honing of skills and facility in dancing with the changing states and layers of trauma are invaluable points in these trainings. Special focus is on practitioners’ ability to stay open and safe in the face of these extreme states, how to stay connected with clients while buffered from the effects of their experiences. Practitioner self-care is a primary consideration in this training. We can’t help them if we’re falling apart.


Advanced Level 3


This level offers deeper level work with sexual abuse, ritual abuse, satanic ritual abuse, torture, and mind control. Advanced Training Levels 1 and 2 are prerequisite. Specific types of abuse, abuse organizational groups, methods abuse and of silencing victims, self-blame, embedded self-destructive patterns, and the issues faced when clients recognize the extent of the abuse are explored. Methods of support, ways to stay present, practitioner self-monitoring and self-care, and helping clients find and develop their own resources are focused upon using EFT and the practitioner’s own presence. The goal is to offer tools to the practitioner and client to open the doorway to deep resolution of the effects of this type of abuse and the discovery of what can open beyond abuse.


Advanced Level 4


This focuses on war trauma, combat issues, reintegration issues, family issues including secondary trauma to children and spouses. This training is for practitioners who work with military personnel and their families and includes intense combat trauma and its residual effects, disenfranchisement from their former cultural connections, anger at treatment by the military, and non-combat trauma including rape and civilian abuse.


Advanced Level 5


Level 5 deals with natural disaster and accident trauma. Focus is on shock, injury, aftermath of events, how people were or were not supported following an event, injury to sense of self and loss of a sense of safety in the world. This training is applicable to those who travel to disaster sites, first responders, and those who work clinically with the after-effects of event trauma.


With great respect for the training and experience you may already have, even if you have attended other Level 1 EFT training, our approach is unique, quite experiential and in depth - focused on preparing you from the beginning for specific work in the areas of Trauma and Abuse. We want to ensure your success and depth of understanding from the beginning with the subtle nuances involved.