EFT experiences offered by Ted B,

US Navy, O5, a Gulf War Veteran


"Some short notes on a medical problem that many Vets may suffer from but not know about. Sometimes you might think that you have lost your natural balance, sometimes you find that you are unable to find the word to speak when in conversation, or it might be that you see a familiar object and cannot for the life of you remember what the object is called. You might find patches of what look like rashes, but do not itch on your body, typically on you legs near the ankles. If so, you might have had mercury poisoning.


Mercury poisoning is very difficult to overcome, few doctors are even aware of it. The effects of mercury are many and severe. They include:


1) balance problems

2) problems with clear thinking

3) problems with memory

4) electrical effects with the heart


Removal of mercury can be done but it is time consuming and expensive. Not removing the mercury condemns the Vet to a life that is severely limited. Many Vets suffering from mercury poisoning cannot continue to work to support themselves. I tell my story so that others may have some information to help them recover from this debilitating poison.


January 12, 1991, As a Reservist, I reported aboard with my orders to Special Operations Command, Central (SOCCENT). When I approached the main gate at MacDill AFB in Tampa, FL, the Congress was voting on the war authorization. The main gate was in lockdown, with full armor and BDUs. Our drill site was at a revetment near the runway, full of “purple suits” all in BDUs. Reporting aboard, I was instructed to get to Medical for my immunizations, as we were on a 24 hour recall. I dutifully went to Medical along with a slew of other enlisted and officers.


The Corpsman inoculated me with Anthrax, Bubonic Plague, Cholera, Typhoid and Tetanus. ALL these shots were done AT ONE TIME. I had VERY bad reaction from the multiple inoculations and was extremely sick for 5 days. I was bed ridden with fevers and chills at the same time. After the initial sickness, I would get extreme weakness “sinks.” My wife said I had “metallic smell” to me. The sinks and metallic smell returned to me intermittently for 4 years.  


Special Operational Forces (SOF) are anchored in formation exercise. Regular runs, in full battle dress are the norm, with the “shortest” guys out front to increase the pace for the taller lads. I was a runner for years and all my military time I enjoyed exercise and usually scored high in the ratings. But after these immunizations it became very difficult to run. To help me get through the weekend, I began taking aspirin before the drill weekend, during the weekend and on Monday after the drill. By the end of 1993 I could not run so I switched to regular walking. Luckily, I was with another reserve unit at that time that was not a SOF unit. The “metallic smell” and severe weakness came back regularly.


In 1994 we moved to Tallahassee. I began to get atrial fibrillation and numbness in the feet. The weakness sinks continued. In 1997 we moved to Atlanta, GA. and by 1999 severe exhaustion set in. I was saying that I would die if I did not get back to Florida to find alternative medicine doctors.


By 2000 I was hospitalized two times with severe atrial fibrillation. Doctors initially incorrectly diagnosed this as ventral fibrillation and beta blockers and ACE inhibitors were prescribed. In total 11 different drugs were prescribed to me between 2000 and 2008. In mid 2000 I began the first of 12 hospitalizations brought on by fibrillation and pancreatitis.


By 2001 I could not work. My nervous system was so far out of balance that I could not put the key in the front door lock of my home. My balance unstable, I frequently fell. I lacked confidence in almost everything. I had lost my “nouns”, taking forever to come up with them. At the height of this brain fog, I lost the word “seagull” - it took me 18 months to get that word back in my brain. And seagull is a pretty common word in Florida. All this chaos, while the standard set of blood tests showed “normal” results.


In 2001 when we moved back to Florida, I was getting my vehicle registration and tags taken care of. Since I knew this was going to be a long process, I took along an AM/FM radio. While waiting in a cafe near the DMV, I turned on the radio. It was on AM, unusual since I only listen to FM. The channel had a medical program in progress. The Doctor made sense to me and I wanted to talk to him. On a hunch, I looked him up on the Internet. Luckily, he was in the Tampa Bay area! He practiced complementary alternative medicine. I went to him with my 30 pages of notes on what had been happening. As he quietly read my notes he put red highlighter on critical passages. After 20 minutes he turned to me and said he thought I had mercury poisoning. His diagnosis was confirmed after testing. I had extremely high levels of mercury: DMPS Challenge test revealed: Mercury 5.21, normal range 0.0-2.31. There were 11 other metals that also tested above the range during this DMPS Challenge.


He put me on a no allergy diet and extensive dietary supplements with regular chelation treatments. Eight months after going on an allergy elimination diet, chelation and herbal therapy, a new DMPS Challenge test showed Mercury in the normal range. That didn't mean that my “nouns” had returned. To the contrary, I had to retrain my brain for each of the nouns. I had to anchor the noun to another noun and constantly practice it so that I had some probability of recall. Mercury removal did not stop the atrial fibrillation attacks. They continued unabated. Had it not been for this doctor's approach, I know I would have died from atrial fibrillation incidents or a stroke.


Desperate for something besides more BigPharm medicine, I continued researching options. Finally, in mid 2004 I found EFT. I downloaded the free manual. What really impressed me was the fact that the technology of EFT was free, relatively easy to learn and required no medications. That told me that EFT was focused on getting outcomes for people and not the typical profit motive.


At first the tapping and speaking was very unnatural. I had studied Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP ) in the 80's so I did have some idea of what the words were doing. But doing the tapping and words was a bit like walking and chewing gum for the first time! And the “9 gamut tapping” eluded me for the longest time. It took a month to train myself.


Control of atrial fibrillation started slowly at first. Since I had been hospitalized with fibrillation, I was in a bit of a panic. I wasn't sure that EFT would work, and I didn't want to delay getting to the hospital in time. Luckily the fibrillation was not too extreme. Then came Memorial Day, 2004. My wife wanted to get a new couch. Not being keen on buying furniture, I was towed along. After we had looked at furniture we stopped in a book shop in Sarasota. While sitting there a “curtain” came down in front of me. It was a bit like looking through the old style carbon paper...smudges. We went to the hospital 3 blocks away. They determined I had a Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) in right eye. I was completely floored. I had not really thought the fibrillation was extreme, but there it was, a blood clot in my eye caused by the TIA.


In early 2006 I felt completely blocked emotionally. Everything set me off. The simplest action became a huge production. Mentally I was depressed, on hold, fearful of just about everything. I didn't want to go to a psychiatrist, as I thought that treatment system was outmoded and not focused on outcomes. So I researched EFT practitioners. Amazing enough, I found a practitioner in Sarasota! I called her and booked some sessions. Sophia Cayer was absolutely gifted in the language. Remember when I mentioned NLP a few minutes back? Well, she is an expert in NLP. NLP is a key component in unraveling the tangled hurts of the emotions and the physical. She asked me four questions:


1. If you could live life over again, what person or event would you prefer to skip?

2. Who/what makes you angry and why?

3. What is missing to make your life perfect?

4. Name 3 fears you would rather not have.


These questions seem simple enough, but they unleashed a huge list of fears and hurts. At the end of the questionnaire she asked me what my goals were for the EFT work. The list of goals was:


1. Eliminate excess weight – now 215 lbs, was 245 lbs.

2. Eliminate Lung infection – now gone.

3. Improve Neuropathy in feet–making progress.

4. Reduce Hip weakness – now gone.

5. Strengthen heart – very confident about heart strength. Hike, bike and kayak everywhere.


I know you are thinking that a lot of time has elapsed, but what matters to me is that the emotion associated with events is cut way back. Reducing the emotional blocks frees me to live my life again. If there is one outcome that is absolutely critical it is living your life again.


Despite the setback in 2004, the key outcome was that I could begin to control the atrial fibrillation. Since that time, I have been primarily in charge of my heart, not the drugs. That was the LAST hospitalization for atrial fibrillation! My beta blocker prescription has continued to drop, from 120mg two times per day to 30mg two times per day. I am still on 30mgs several years later. Limiting this to no meds is hugely important to me. What is important is that I am getting to elimination of the meds. I find there are so many contraindications, and side effects can far overcome the benefits of taking the medication.


Although the pancreatic attacks are not solved yet with EFT, I know it is just a matter of time.


I tell you this story because I know many of us had multiple inoculations and have had difficult medical experiences, to say nothing of the stress of combat and preparing for combat.


I am happy to share my experience with other Vets. It is a tragedy when heavy metal poisoning is mis-diagnosed or ignored completely.


With respect,

Ted B

March 2008