The Trainers


Sophia Cayer is an internationally renowned EFT Master, AAMET Trainer of Trainers and author of EFT Language - Creating it & Going With The Flow. She was one of the 5 experts who joined EFT founder Gary Craig in California for a week long intensive with veterans suffering from PTSD. The results of this work are in the documentary "Operation: Emotional Freedom" released July, 2010. She is featured extensively in the Carol Look DVD set, "PTSD & Trauma", which was produced in conjunction with the film. Sophia is also featured on the question panel in Mastering EFT DVD series, as well as a guest speaker on multiple radio shows. As an EFT pioneer and passionately dedicated coach/teacher, Sophia has delivered EFT successfully for thousands of physical and emotional issues. She brings to her workshops the Heart‘s wisdom along with her depth of knowledge and experience, holding her audiences enthralled, leaving them wanting more. While she has specialized in trauma and complex cases for years, including working with hurricane Katrina victims in the field, and combat veterans in her private practice, Sophia’s greatest passion is teaching with the intention and desire to share the powerful efficacy of EFT with a s many as possible. Her website is: