Specific Needs Training and Workshops


We offer both introductory and intensive EFT training workshops designed to meet the specific needs of various individuals and communities. For example, we serve:


  • Students, staff and faculty at educational facilities

  • Medical and Mental Health Professionals

  • Alternative healthcare givers (massage, quantum touch, reiki practitioners, EFT Practitioners, etc.)

  • Caregivers (friends, relatives, significant others)


If you have a special workshop request, please write to us at: info@personalpeacefoundation.org


Introductory EFT Workshops:

Free or low-cost 2-hour experiential EFT workshops


  • Learn the basics of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and how to apply it confidently and consistently for yourself and others for a range of emotional and physical issues.

  • Receive a casual, introductory EFT presentation designed to address your specific professional needs, while you experience "first-hand" EFT's potential applications for caregivers and service providers.

  • Become acquainted with EFT strategies for more challenging and complex issues.


Right now, we are scheduling training workshops in cities and towns where we know local Foundation trainers can provide proper follow-up support. Feel free to contact us regarding the possibility of a workshop in your area.


Healthcare Provider Intensive Workshops:

Intensive 2 Day or 3 Day experiential EFT trainings for service providers and caregivers. (Cost:TBA)


All intensive workshops include basic and more advanced EFT approaches in an active group environment. Each intensive includes detailed EFT instruction tailored to your group's specific needs.


For example, in EFT for Trauma, we'll address:


  • Traumas: How to work through them gently for lasting results.

  • Reintegration Issues: Strategies to help your clients approach getting back into the mainstream and reconnecting with family and friends. Chronic Bothersome Thoughts and Memories: Ways to diffuse them and eliminate the emotional charges.

  • Nightmares and Flashbacks: How to address them successfully, even though they aren't happening "now".

  • Sleep Issues, Insomnia and more: “I can’t sleep when it is dark. It doesn’t feel safe”…

  • Chronic Pain: Skills to reduce or eliminate it.

  • Addiction Issues: How to skillfully address cravings and underlying emotional causes.


All Healthcare Provider Intensive Workshops include the following Advanced EFT skills and more:


  • Developing Rapport: Strategies to help you connect deeply with your client.

  • Successfully Following the Trail: Recognizing the small things that can go unattended, following clues that can lead to Core Issues. Working with Aspects: Learning to recognize different parts of an issue (or different issues entirely), asking the right questions to bring them to the surface, noticing when a client jumps from one to another, learning how to stay on track.

  • Identifying Resistance: Strategies for noticing and dealing with resistance to getting past the issue and handling psychological reversal. Reframing : Knowing when and how to help individuals to see old events and patterns from a different perspective - opening their eyes to whole new world of opportunity.

  • Trusting and Developing your Intuition: Going with the flow and taking yourself out of the equation so you can 'tune in' to work more effectively

  • Identifying Core Beliefs: What questions do you ask to gently locate the contributing factors and events? And equally as important, how do you respond to aid in generating more expansive possibilities?

  • Getting Specific: Learning the necessity of staying with a feeling until the intensity is as low as it can go.

  • Confidently Utilizing: Tearless Trauma, Tell the Story, the Movie Technique and Sneaking Up.

  • Reading Your Client: Truly 'tuning in' to what they feel, hear and see to help them initiate the changes they desire.

  • Incorporating Client Language in Setups: This powerful technique involves listening for words that resonate with your client completely and using them effectively.

  • Testing your work: How and when to check if issues have truly been overcome.

  • Persistence: Knowing the importance of following a trail as far as you can, knowing when it is time to change course (see 'Aspects')

  • Transforming the Energy: Empowering your client to transform the "negative" energy into energy that better serves their dreams and goals.

  • When EFT Does Not Work: Learning what to do, how to recognize the 'Apex Effect' and knowing when it is time to walk away.

  • Creating the Desired Future: As the challenges are cleared, begin to initiate the future your client desires.

  • Is Your Client Not Sure What S/he Wants? Learn how you can help them decide and develop it!

  • Learning how to close a session and assign homework.

  • Addressing your questions and concerns regarding your specific client issues and challenges.


The above is only a partial list of everything that can and will be covered in a Healthcare Provider Intensive Workshop. While we teach a strong foundation in both basic and more advanced EFT approaches, it is our hope that all our experiential workshops inspire participants to further deepen their knowledge of EFT. Additionally, clients who do their EFT "homework" tend to have the most profound results - and the same holds true for practitioners. The more you experience EFT for yourself and do your own work, the more you'll resonate with how powerful EFT truly is - and the more effective a coach you will be.


Experiential EFT Workshops: We plan to offer a whole portfolio of workshops for the general population as well as EFT professionals. While we are beginning our flagship projects with a select group of professionals, as we grow we will soon require additional qualified professionals. Please sign up for the Newsletter to learn about what we are doing and the latest training opportunities.