Participant Comments


"Thank you for the greatest four days of tapping I've ever experienced, Sophia, and for insights and love shared. It was raining blessings the entire time thanks to your gentle heart and sure hand. You truly are a Master, and have given us all such inspiration, as well as a standard to aspire to."  Yvonne M.  

"I wouldn't have had the confidence and skill to take on these kinds of issues without the excellent trauma and abuse training that you provided."


"This should be a required training for anyone who works with EFT."


"I have done a lot of workshops and deep healing trainings and work, and what they were largely missing is what you have - Respect, Understanding and Compassion for WHERE people ARE, w/o trying to bulldoze them into change or healing. How to meet the moment..."


"I LOVED the insights I gained and real, solid, concrete applied training and hands on stuff, as well as deep discussions."


"Sophia, your creativity and artistry with EFT was overflowing."


"It was the most validating and empowering experience of my life."


"So empowering, so freeing! I liked the way that things just segued into wonderful benefits. Loved it, loved it, loved it!"


"Amazing - a clear example of a true healer and teacher allowing things to unfold as they presented themselves, trusting in the process."


"You can take this for many reasons.... You may well have one of the most significant and satisfying experiences of your life. The Personal Peace Foundation is perfectly named!"


"The "go with the flow" style of tapping with trauma has been revolutionary for me and my clients! Thanks, Sophia!"