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Sophia Cayer, (Co-Founder) Sophia Cayer is an internationally renowned EFT Master, AAMET Trainer of Trainers and author of EFT Language - Creating it & Going With The Flow. She was one of the 5 experts who joined EFT founder Gary Craig in California for a week long intensive with veterans suffering from PTSD. The results of this work are in the documentary “Operation: Emotional Freedom” released July, 2010. She is featured extensively in the Carol Look DVD set, “PTSD & Trauma”, which was produced in conjunction with the film. Sophia is also featured on the question panel in Mastering EFT DVD series, as well as a guest speaker on multiple radio shows.


As an EFT pioneer and passionately dedicated coach/teacher, Sophia has delivered EFT successfully for thousands of physical and emotional issues. She brings to her workshops the Heart‘s wisdom along with her depth of knowledge and experience, holding her audiences enthralled, leaving them wanting more. While she has specialized in trauma and complex cases for years, including working with hurricane Katrina victims in the field, and combat veterans in her private practice, Sophia’s greatest passion is teaching with the intention and desire to share the powerful efficacy of EFT with as many as possible. Her website is: www.sophiacayer.com.



Frances E Tynan, Fran brings unique diversity to the Board, that comes with her years of experience serving as an Executive in New York, New York. Her diverse responsibilities included managing international purchasing operations for multi-million dollar firms and interacting with all related factions. She offers incredible dedication, along with an amazing strength and wisdom, that includes an obvious heartfelt passion for making a positive difference. Fran's willingness to shift gears on a moments notice and focus her attention on accomplishing tasks as they present themselves, is representative of her love and devotion for humanity.


Vicky Followell, Vicky is a community oriented individual who generously contributes her time and efforts to assist several not-for-profit organizations. In addition to Vicky's talents as an Accountant and Enrolled Agent, she has more than 25 years of experience in general business planning. Her experience began in the small business venue of a family business. She has worked in most major industries, applying sound financial and management principles to the company's success. Her experience led her quite well to the public accounting industry to serve small businesses and the independently employed. Vicky owned a public accounting firm in Bradenton for ten years. She reentered the public accounting market in 2008. Vicky secured her Enrolled Agent status in 1993 and has maintained the licensing and continuing education requirements annually. Her B.S. degree in business administration, with tracks in accounting and human resources, serves well in the business consulting and tax environment she enjoys.


Beth Bryant has a passion for facilitating personal and institutional transformation. She began studying energy healing and metaphysics in 1990, after an energy practitioner healed her chronic fatigue syndrome. Beth is an AAMET Level 2 certified practitioner of EFT, a certified practitioner of Matrix Energetics, and a Reiki Master. She also holds degrees in law, marine affairs, and environmental policy analysis. As an affiliate professor at the University of Washington School of Marine and Environmental Affairs, Beth specializes in ocean and coastal law and policy. Beth founded the Alchemy Coaching Center in Seattle, Washington, where she helps people transform their challenges into opportunities for growth, expansion, and joyful creation. To learn more about Beth and her practice, you can contact please write to her at: oceans246@gmail.com


Diane von der Weid is an AAMET Accredited EFT Master Trainer of Trainers, a supervisor, a certified life coach and a hypnotherapist (NGH). Together with her husband Alain, she introduced EFT in the French speaking part of Switzerland (2004).  Today she is a reputable EFT practitioner and trainer, well-known in all French speaking countries where she is regularly invited to give introductory EFT workshops by professional associations (Nurses, therapists, MDs, psychologists, etc.).  In 2012 she was invited to give the first presentation on EFT for burnout to 60 MDs at a Medical Congress in Verbier (Switzerland).


Diane has over 20 years of professional experience in small and large-sized, Swiss and international corporations. She has worked with the Political Advisor to the High Commissioner at the Head Office of United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) in Geneva, for 8 years. She specialises in EFT for trauma for both human beings and animals. Diane is fluent in French, English, Italian, she understands Spanish well.  Website: www.eft-suisse.ch 



Advisory Board


Dr. Judith T. Evans,  She attended the School of Education at Harvard University, where she received her Masters and Doctorate in Developmental Psychology. In addition Judith earned a Bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University. She is a founding member of the Career Counselor’s Consortium in New York City and was elected three times to its board.  In addition to being an author, lecturer and career coach, she has coached and held seminars for participants from a broad array of industries.  For more than 10 years, she taught entrepreneurial courses at New York University.  Judith’s wisdom, energy and support are boundless. To learn more: www.newcareerventures.com.


Miguel Gabriel Vazquez is a veteran from the Viet Nam era, with a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica in California. He is a Reiki Master, has been certified as a Hypnotherapist, and is an advanced EFT Practitioner. Miguel is a Counselor/ Life Coach who is interested in helping military veterans and others heal from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder by utilizing Spiritual Psychology Counseling empowered by EFT. Miguel is currently a volunteer assistant in the development of a documentary film on the successful healing of combat veterans who have PTSD with EFT.  To contact Miguel, write to: miguelgvazquez@gmail.com.


Jan Luther, Minister, EFT Master, Reiki Master, Meta NLP, TAT Grief Specialist, author of "Grief Is Mourning Sickness". Jan has been a long time student /facilitator of A Course in Miracles. A certified TAT practitioner/trainer, Meta-NLP Practitioner and licensed interfaith minister, she has been creating and presenting workshops since 1988. Jan is the founder and CEO of The Rejuvenation Station, LLC, in Charlotte, North Carolina, where she is currently offering personal one-on-one sessions both in person and nationwide via phone. You can learn more about Jan and her work at: www.janluther.com.


Ted Bahn is a veteran of the U.S. Navy, serving aboard the USS Saratoga in VA-75 and on the USS Nimitz as Intelligence Officer. After leaving active service, he remained in the Navy Reserves, retiring as a Commander. As a civilian he led the Southern Region of Gartner, Inc., the premier information technology research and consulting firm. He also was the Chief Information Officer for Florida Department of Labor. He has masters degrees both in automatic data processing and management auditing. His interest in EFT developed from mercury poisoning leading to atrial fibrillation. He uses EFT to help control these incidents. He and his wife reside in AZ.


Ann Adams, a LCSW and has going on 40 years in the mental health field as a clinical social worker - as a therapist, trainer, supervisor and administrator.  She is an AAMET Trainer of Trainers, has been intensely involved with EFT since 1999.  She coordinated the EFT Masters program with Gary Craig and has developed various EFT related products. She also serves as a consultant for The Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology – Certified Energy Practitioner (ACEP-CEP) program. Learn more about Ann: www.FromtheDeskofAnnAdams.com