EFT Intensive Retreats



Whether you are new to EFT, a long time enthusiast or practitioner

this unique gathering deserves your consideration.   


These small intimate gatherings focus on personal clearing and

enhancing your EFT skills.   They are limited to six (6) participants

and are three (3) full days.  


Many entertain the thought, but are held back for fear of feeling

vulnerable or exposed.  It is natural and understandable. 

In spite of your reluctance, focus on your goals, remembering

everyone there initially may feel the same way. 


Please take a moment read the comments shared from the last Intensive,

September of 2015.   You will find an unforgettable camaraderie develops

almost instantly, and grows through the time we share together.


You are invited to contact Sophia for an exploratory discussion before

you sign up.  If you have never worked with Sophia, you can email a

confidential list of your issues and/or concerns.  Remember that you

don’t have to share intimate details with the group, unless you choose

to do so.   That’s one of the great bonuses with the way EFT works! 


While we will go with the flow to best meet individual needs, each day

Sophia will conduct approximately 6 - 45 minute one-on-one sessions. 

Sessions will take place in front of the group, as the group enjoys

the value of Borrowing Benefits.    


Following each session, we will take a few minutes to share

and answer your questions.  


At the end of each day, we’ll devote some time to conversation and

responding to questions.  


The amazing group energy, coupled with compassionate sharing,

learning from each other is incomparable. 


Questions or concerns?   Sophia welcomes the opportunity to address

them and set your mind at ease.  

Email: info@personalpeacefoundation.org  or call 941.376.1874.


If you’d like to join us for the next one, or request an Intensive for your group,

please complete the form below.


Thank you for your interest. 


Intensive Participent Comments:



"Thank you for the greatest four days of tapping I've ever experienced, Sophia, and for insights and love shared. It was raining blessings the entire time thanks to your gentle heart and sure hand. You truly are a Master, and have given us all such inspiration, as well as a standard to aspire to."  

Yvonne M.  

“It was an unbelievable experience, I felt your love & compassion in every cell in my body. Your workshops are life changing. I also very much appreciated my fellow tappers, what an amazing bunch. Please don't wait too long to have another one. :-)”


“A truly amazing group of six, who came from so many places bringing their stuff with them and left as part of something much bigger. Lighter, freer and experiencing the gift of love. A very strong connection was forged that will remain, even if we were never to see each other again. Thank you Sophia, your deep insight and intuitive leadership lead us all to working miraculous healings.”