EFT Workshop - Ocala, FL




Since September was such a great success,
we are working on plans for the next event in Ocala 2016,
so stay tuned! 





Currently the topic is open, so we’d love to hear from you.

Your suggestions and special requests are welcomed!


Email info@personalpeacefoundation.org  with Ocala Events in the subject line.



At our gathering September, 2015 we covered a lot!

The workshop was custom designed to address many

of the special requests of participants.  Thanks to the

openness and great participant participation, mini-sessions

helped everyone gain greater clarity with their own issues.

Many commented on the direction and insights gained

that would help them help themselves!



We hope you’ll choose to join us at the next gathering in Ocala!


And please and thank you for sending your special requests.

A few comments:


What would have made it better for you?


“To be longer!”


What did you like most about the workshop?


“Safe environment to be open.”


“The individual sessions were very helpful in my journey with EFT. They opened up several issues I had not thought of.”


“I found it amazing how all events and emotions are linked together.”


“The experience of actually seeing the technique being applied to individual issues was extremely instructive and beneficial.”


“Watching Sophia’s detective work!”