Overcoming Post Traumatic Stress

There is absolutely nothing wrong with you.
Your body and mind are just reacting to the unfortunate circumstances you witnessed and endured.



The contributors to this page are “Invisible Heroes” who courageously tried EFT.   They’ve chosen to share some of their stories, personal experiences with EFT and offer encouragement to anyone with post-traumatic stress seeking viable solutions.  May you be inspired by each of these powerful audios, and may they bring you strength and hope.















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“Becky” is a survivor of trauma and abuse, who was very isolated, intensely hyper-vigilant and more.

A powerful story for anyone reluctant to give EFT a try. 

"EFT has given me the power to let go of this."






“George” a highly skeptical veteran shares his journey to self-empowerment, and continuing use of EFT.  Now "a peaceful person".






“Don C.” a veteran we are proud to say, found EFT so effective he chose to become a Certified EFT Practitioner to help others!


Episode 1:  Don shares his a little of his military experience, post-traumatic stress and other issues, “no one gets it”.  “What a goofy name – EFT – get out the fairy dust!” and how he gained trust in the process.  a sense of empowerment and employing EFT for himself and with others. 





Episode 2:  Don talks about the before and after, of how relationships with loved ones and himself have changed with EFT.  He offers interesting insights into better understanding key components of PTS.






“Ed P.” is veteran who plans to be a regular contributor to this page, so check back now and then, join our mailing list or follow “The Personal Peace Foundation” on Face Book.











Episode 1 highlights:  Ed talks about his first week on the front lines and part of his EFT journey, and the differences he has experienced.  Gaining the courage to continue with EFT and much more..




Episode 2 highlights:  Ed overcoming a constant fear of imminent death.  How it felt and held him back, and his journey with overcoming, “no one understands” and more…  A few ways life has changed.  





Episode 3 highlights:  In this audio Ed discusses the reasons behind his initial reluctancy to seek help. These valid concerns are frequently held in common by those with post-traumatic stress.  He also expresses his feelings about the value received, after gathering the courage to seek help.





 Episode 4 highlights:  Ed talks about the feeling: "No one can help!”, the process of making progress, overcoming identity challenges and vulnerabilities, gaining a sense of self-empowerment.





Episode 5 highlights: Layers of trauma – childhood vs. military, how they may surface or overlap.  Improvement of comfort levels. Variations in the ways we overcome the challenges related to age of and types of trauma. The self-empowerment that comes with self-work with EFT. 






"Rene D." formerly active military, currently a military wife.  Rene plans to contribute frequently on various issues and aspects related to non-military challenges, as well as those related specifically to military life.


Espisode 1 highlights:  Briefly touching on military experience pre-EFT and how EFT has begun to strengthen her and her relationship with her husband. 






"Ted B." Read US Navy, O5 veteran Ted B’s story about applying EFT for trauma and complex physical issues here: “EFT Stories”


“I believe EFT matured me to a point that I live in the moment and deal with  things with a peaceful mindset.  That kind of inner peace was only possible with  integration.  And for me, integration took place through EFT, not private therapy sessions with a psychologist.”

 - Bob S.


Disclaimer: Some may find a portion of the contents of these audios triggering.  The personal opinions voiced by these individuals are expressly theirs and should not be viewed as opinions of the Personal Peace Foundation.   Out of respect, their identities will remain confidential. 

“I survived daily rocket and mortar attacks during my tour of  duty and was shot by an enemy NVA soldier 6/18/68.  I am no longer re-living the hellish non-ending Viet-Nam experiences I had over the last 42 years. It is finally  over!”

–   Ed P. , PFC USMC 

A Family's Story Worth Hearing and Sharing


Art F, - Husband / Father  - Company Commander




Carol F. - Wive and Mother