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EFT AAMET Level 1 and 2 combined

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EFT Specialty Workshop

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EFT Intensive Retreat

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EFT for Post Traumatic Stress - A Workshop To Address

The Specific Needs Of Veterans And Their Loved Ones

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Transformational Trauma ReleaseTM - Phase 1

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Transformational Trauma ReleaseTM - Phase 2

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AAMET CPD Courses - Great for Anyone!

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Unique Opportunity: As a participant, if you have an issue that you would like to work on with Sophia and think you would feel comfortable working in front of the group, please send an email to: including your contact information and a brief description of our your issue. One of us will contact you personally to explore the possibilities. Please know you will be in a safe environment, so don't be shy!

A few comments from the Ocala Event:


What would have made it better for you?


“To be longer!”


What did you like most about the workshop?


“Safe environment to be open.”


“The individual sessions were very helpful in my journey with EFT. They opened up several issues I had not thought of.”


“I found it amazing how all events and emotions are linked together.”


“The experience of actually seeing the technique being applied to individual issues was extremely instructive and beneficial.”


“Watching Sophia’s detective work!”


“I am finally free of the three to four nightmares I endured every night for more than 17 years. I am sleeping better, feeling better than I can remember. My hyper-vigilance has been replaced with a sense of inner peace.”


-Art F., Captain/Company Commander, US Military


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