When Nobody Gets It!

Many times when we are dealing with an emotional or physical issue, we are sometimes faced with comments and suggestions from well meaning individuals who simply don't understand the complexity of what we are dealing with.

From their perspective it seems like it should be relatively simple for us to get beyond the issue and get on with life with as usual.

From your perspective, it is an entirely different story. Well intentioned or not, their comments and suggestions may frustrate you, leave you feeling angry, sad, feeling guilty - possibly intensifying the issue(s) you are dealing with.

Give yourself permission to acknowledge those feelings instead of denying or ignoring them - knowing you have every right to feel the way you do. When you have allowed yourself the chance to be in touch with those feelings and you believe you are ready, begin to work through them.

Take a few deep breaths and give the following a try, altering the word "anger" for frustration or the most intense emotion you are experiencing. Do the same with the other phrases, trusting what comes to mind. This is meant to give a start in the right direction.

Side of the Hand: (or “Karate Chop” KC)

Even though nobody gets it, and it makes me so angry I could scream! I am choosing peace anyway.

Even though they don't have a CLUE how this feels to me, and they don't seem to care, I am breathing easy, trying to forgive them.

Even though I can't stand hearing that phrase, it makes me feel worse! I am honoring myself and what I am going through anyway.

I know I am dealing with this in the best way that I can. I give myself permission to trust myself, taking this at the pace that is right for me..

Through the Sequence (twice):

TH: They don't get it and they probably never will!

EB: That's not my challenge, it is theirs!

OE: This is my situation and I am the only one who

understands it!

UE: How could they get it? They've never been through


UN: I am really angry and frustrated. How dare they

say such a thing!

UL: Nobody gets it but me, and how could they?

CB: Why can't they be more understanding?

UA: Nobody gets it and it really hurts.

Keep in mind this isn’t a race or an instant fix. As time presents itself, continue to work through those uncomfortable thoughts and feelings until they begin to diminish.

Feeling a little better?

When you do, begin to weave in positives…

TH: I choose to have my confidence rise.

EB: I am taking it at my own pace, improving in every


OE: They will probably never get it, and how could I

expect them to?

UE: They haven't had my life experiences or walked in

my shoes.

UN: I know I am on the right track, dealing with this as

best I can.

UL: It would be nice to have their support, but they just

don't get it.

CB: Focusing on me, breathing easy.

UA: Knowing I am improving in every moment.

TH: They don't get it, but I am doing better anyway.

EB: Feeling stronger and more confident.

OE: Letting go of the anger and frustration.

UE: Breathing easy.

UN: Dealing with it one step at a time.

UL: Knowing I am on the right track for me.

CB: Moving through this in the right way for me.

UA: Filled with calm confidence and peace of mind.

Please always do the best you can to be kind and gentle with yourself, reminding yourself you are doing the best that can…

The tips you’ll find in “The Truth About Gratitude” will help as well.

You’ll find that article here: The Truth About Gratitude

As always, your comments and questions are welcomed. We’d love to hear from you!

Gratitude and peace within,




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