Why Am I Miserable?! The Story No Longer Bothers Me!

You’ve worked hard clearing the emotional discomfort of one or more bothersome events. Like many, you probably rejoiced when you reached the point where you could tell the story and no longer found it troubling. “Ahhhh….now that THAT is over…!” But for some reason life hasn’t changed in the way you thought it would.

If you’ve ever encountered this problem, you are definitely not alone! There’s a common misconception that when you’ve cleared a traumatic or bothersome event(s), that life instantly be fantastic – or at least much better than it was. For some it may work that way, because their situation is less complex. However, many times it just doesn’t happen, and you don’t understand why.

It may require some soul searching, and it means being incredibly honest with yourself. We all want a quick fix, but if you consider the rewards you can enjoy, you will find it more than worth the effort.

Here are a few things to explore and tap your way through:

How do you really see, feel and think about yourself? What isn’t you aren’t proud of or like about yourself?

Are you blaming yourself, feeling guilty or responsible in some way about the event(s)? Even though your feelings may be seem totally illogical in the eyes of others, it happens. Emotions are not logical!

Did limiting beliefs develop as a result of, or even before the event(s) took place?

Is there some part of you afraid of disappointment and still on-guard?

Have you entirely cleared it from your body’s memory bank?

Have you tapped talking directly to your subconscious mind reminding it “that was then and this is now”? If you choose to do this, remember to include thanking your subconscious mind for all it is doing to protect you!

The above should be a great place to start. As you go through the list, be sure and make note of other issues or aspects come to you.

If you can’t get into doing this on your own, end up feeling it is too hard or become discouraged, that’s understandable. Many times we can’t see the forest for the trees! Please don’t give up on yourself! Tap on your frustrations and then, contact a professional with the skills to help get to the missing pieces of the puzzle. Know you deserve to live a fulfilling life.

Questions or comments are always welcome. Besides, we’d love to hear from you! Peace within,


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