“Dragonfly” Holidays? + Tips & Scripts

The dragonfly has been around for more than 300 million years and is generally associated with the symbolic meaning of transformation. Here are some common meanings it holds:

  • Change and transformation

  • Adaptability

  • Joy, lightness of being

  • Symbol of the realm of emotions, invitation to dive deeper into your feeling

  • Being on the lookout for illusions and deceits, whether are external or personal

With the holidays at hand, the New Year on the horizon, wouldn’t this be a great time to transform limiting beliefs into ones that better serve you? Why not give yourself and others the gift of love and forgiveness and leave regrets behind? Perhaps it is the perfect time to resolve the pain from the past and generate greater peace within.

Forgiveness of self and others, letting go of regrets, is usually a good place to start.

A few suggestions are below to help you get started. You’ll notice the first two suggestions are meant for yourself. In order to find life more fulfilling, more capable of comfortably participating in life, self-love and acceptance essential!

Letting Go Of Regret


Even though I regret ______________, the wiser part of me knows now is the perfect time to love and forgive myself.


TH: The burden of this regret,

EB: Forever in the back of my mind.

OE: Can’t believe I did (or didn’t) do that!

UE: This regret that makes me see myself as less than

UN: This regret that makes me sad and ashamed,

CH: I’d like to open to the possibility

CB: I was doing what felt right in the moment.

UA: I’d like to love and forgive myself, no matter what.


Forgiving Yourself


Even though I’m convinced I don’t deserve forgiveness, I’d like to feel differently now, open to the possibility that maybe I do.


TH: All this embarrassment and shame,

EB: What was I thinking?

OE: How could I let that happen?

UE: Still can’t believe it!

UN: All this grief and guilt

CH: Unforgiveable

CB: Undeserving and unworthy

UA: It was so wrong!

TH: So tired of feeling this way

EB: But reluctant to let it go

OE: Don’t think I deserve to feel better

UE: But if there’s a chance make a difference for others

UN: Maybe it is time to love and forgive myself

CH: Restoring my power and strength

CB: Feeling good about what I could offer

UA: To myself and others.


Forgiving Others:

Set Up:

Even though what they did feels unforgiveable, I am wise enough to know by letting this go I am not letting them off the hook, but freeing myself.


TH: Can’t do it!

EB: Won’t let them off the hook!

OE: Still hurt and angry

UE: Still devastated

UN: They don’t deserve forgiveness

CH: They seem to have no regrets

CB: Just going on with their lives

UA : As if nothing’s happened

TH: Still holding this in my heart

EB: Still feeling the pain

OE: But maybe it is time

UE: To free myself

UN: Maybe it is time

CH: To transform these discomforts

CB: To peace and strength

UA: I’m ready to own my power now.

Emulate the symbology of the dragonfly. You can do it!

And by the way, if your holidays include time with dysfunctional family, you might want to check out this article: Dysfunctional Family Holidays

Hearing from you is always appreciated. Thanks for asking questions, sharing thoughts, feelings or suggestions.

With heartfelt gratitude,

wishing you enjoyable holidays and all the best in your endeavors,

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