"Feel Good" Tapping

Now is the time to feel energized and enthusiastic about 2018 and keep the momentum rolling!

“Feel good tapping” is good for your health, as well as energy levels and building enthusiasm. Why not start now and make 2018 your best year yet?

Let’s get started! Tapping with a little enthusiasm, or a LOT if you can, helps build the energy! Give it a try.

At the Side of the Hand or Sore Spot, repeating the phrase three times:

Set-up: Even though some part of me may have doubts about what 2018 will

bring, I choose to energized and enthusiastic anyway!

TH: 2018 is here!

EB: Yipee!

OE: I am so enthusiastic!

UE: New opportunities!

UN: I feel so optimistic!

CH: 2018, my best year yet!

CB: Let’s go!

UA: It is going to be GREAT!

TH: No more doubts!

EB: Hesitation, a thing of the past!

OE: I am so excited!

UE: Wishes and dreams fulfilled!

UN: I simply can’t wait!!

CH: I feel sensational things unfolding!

CB: It feels wonderful!

UA: Everything coming to me easily and effortlessly, NOW!

Not smiling? Give it another go! And be sure to check out another similar article that might resonate better with you here: Tap Happy Fun

Have some fun with it! Let yourself go and incorporate words that you know help build enthusiasm.

And try something like this:

  1. Sing and tap to the words of a song that makes you want to dance or that always lifts your spirits.

  2. What would your best year look and feel like? Tap as you use the words to define it.

  3. Tap on choosing to feel energized, enthusiastic and optimistic all the time!

You don’t need a set-up – just tap through the sequence as many times as it takes! Incorporate the side of the hand if you like, as well as the spot beneath your breast. Do what feels right to you! Just go with the flow…..

Are you smiling and enthusiastic now? I hope so!

Just can’t find that enthusiasm or imagine success in 2018? Let’s help you get there! Why not schedule a session or Exploratory Discussion now?

Wishing you the greatest success in all your endeavors,


Happy New Year!!!

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