The Earth Is Flat!? OPO (Other People’s Opinions)

A Flat Earth model depicting Antarctica as an ice wall surrounding a disc-shaped Earth. Credit: Creative Commons 1.0 Generic/Trekky0623”.

Live Science offers an article “Are Flat-Earthers Serious?”

You’ll quickly find that the authors don’t seem to be in agreement with: The Flat Earth Society

who strongly suggest that indeed the earth is flat.

Like everyone, Flat-Earthers are entitled to their opinion. If you don’t agree with their opinion, at this point you may be laughing or curious. What matters, is the short and long-term impact of OPO. How much value do you give, or should you allow OPO to have? Consider the source and circumstances, and forgive yourself when you find that OPO could be running your life.

OPO can have a huge influence on the way we feel about ourselves. This is particularly true of the ones that take place during developmental years. The resulting Limiting Beliefs, anxieties, self-esteem issues that arise can rob you of our full potential. However, the good news (believe it or not), within you the power and strength to create change is there!

Zero in on the what, when and whose opinions that may have left you believing you can’t trust yourself, you are somehow less than, or that your feelings or opinions don’t count. You’ll find this detective work more than worthwhile for getting to related core issues.

Whose opinions have you taken to heart in early years? Consider continuous OPO you are exposed to on a regular basis. How might they be influencing or limiting you?

Here’s a starting point:

At the Side of the Hand or Sore Spot: (repeating the phrase three times)


Even though I took those words to heart and left me believing I’ll never measure up, the wiser part of me knows it really isn’t true.


TH: Those painful words,

EB: I took them heart

OE: They still race,

UE: through body and mind

UN: Reminding me

CH: I don’t measure up

CB: can’t achieve my goals

UA: it is just not in me

IW: Or maybe it is!

TH: But they were (or are) never wrong

EB: If I dare let this go

OE: I’ll only invite criticism

UE: I’ll be rejected

UN: They won’t like it or me

CH: Or maybe

CB: loving and respecting myself

UA: might find me confident

IW: beginning to trust and believe in me!

Another approach:


At the Side of the Hand or Sore Spot:

Even though OPO may have made me doubt myself, I choose to trust and believe in myself now.

TH: All those opinions

EB: That make me believe

UE: I’ll never get it right

UN: Incapable of getting it right

CH: Don’t deserve it anyway

CB: Not good enough

UA: If I succeed

IW: I’ll mess that up too!

TH: Or maybe I won’t!

EB: You’ve got to be kidding!

OE: No sense in trying

UE: I’ll be ridiculed

UN: Rejected

CH: Can’t run the risk

CB: But maybe it is time

UA: To own my power, see myself as capable

IW: With more to offer than I dare to dream!

While the above represents starting points, make notes about anything that comes to mind. Get as specific as you can with the “what, when and whose opinions” and tap your way through them.

Yes, patience and persistence will be required. But you are worth it! You can do this!

Happy tapping!

To your greatest success,


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