Outrage Fatigue:

If you are human, no matter how sedate you believe yourself to be, these days, there are plenty of situations that can make our blood boil. Countless news stories, lousy customer service (and the lack thereof), our day-to-day environment and frustrations, to name a few, sometimes are enough to make us feel like crawling in a hole for the foreseeable future. It is absolutely exhausting!

The phenomenon named “Outrage Fatigue Syndrome” is thought by many to have been coined recently and relate to the political climate. In truth it actually came about as something of a sarcastic way to poke fun at the people so affected.

I’d argue that it is very real, however, and has been around for as long as people have been continually mistreated or disrespected by other people, and relates to a lot more than politics. The real consequence of outrage fatigue is that many of us stop engaging with the issues at all in order to focus on just getting by.

So what can we do? Self-care (as always) belongs at the top of the list. This means less exposure to social media and the news. We can take walks, listen to music that lifts your spirits, meditate and of course use EFT! Tap your way through accepting the things you can’t change to make it easier to let them go. Take action when possible, most importantly as it relates to personal environment and circumstances – acknowledge that even the smallest change makes a difference.

And always, be kind and gentle with yourself and those around you.

Below is a suggestion to help you get started. Change words to better suit, or consider tapping silently as you focus on where emotions are physically felt. Both methods will work, and if you find it more soothing, use the “touch and breathe” technique.

Even though this exhausting outrage feels beyond my control, the wiser part of me

knows I have the ability to generate peace within.

Even though I’m frustrated, knowing this outrage isn’t changing a thing, and

that leaves me with a sense of helplessness, I’d like to let go of all the stress

it is creating in body and mind.

Even though my heart aches when I see what’s taking place, I choose to

generate an energy of love to sooth myself and others who feel the same.

This exhausting outrage,

It just won’t leave me.

Can’t believe what’s happening

Don’t understand why


How could I feel any other way!

It is okay that I feel this way,

But I’d like to help myself and others find peace of mind.

It’s all too much!

Disheartened and angry

Why is this happening?

Unbelievable and outrageous!

How can this be happening?

Ridiculous and annoying

It is just wrong!

But I’m ready to reclaim my energy

Using it to generate peace and harmony for all.

While this may feel like mission impossible, know that tapping consistently each day will make a difference. Feeling too discouraged? Well, tap on that too!

Remember tapping contributes to your overall well being.

Gratitude, good vibrations, peace and harmony,


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