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Below you'll find detailed accounts of EFTs high efficacy working with many kinds of trauma and complex physical issues.

EFT experiences offered by Ted B, US Navy, O5, a Gulf War Veteran.


"Some short notes on a medical problem that many Vets may suffer from but not know about. Sometimes you might think that you have lost your natural balance, sometimes you find that you are unable to find the word to speak when in conversation, or it might be that you see a familiar object and cannot for the life of you remember what the object is called. You might find patches of what look like rashes, but do not itch on your body, typically on you legs near the ankles. If so, you might have had mercury poisoning.


Mercury poisoning is very difficult to overcome, few doctors are even aware of it. The effects of mercury are many and severe. They include:


1) balance problems

2) problems with clear thinking

3) problems with memory

4) electrical effects with the heart


Removal of mercury can be done but it is time consuming and expensive. Not removing the mercury condemns the Vet to a life that is severely limited. Many Vets suffering from mercury poisoning cannot continue to work to support themselves. I tell my story so that others may have some information to help them recover from this debilitating poison.


January 12, 1991, As a Reservist, I reported aboard with my orders to Special Operations Command, Central (SOCCENT). When I approached the main gate at MacDill AFB in Tampa, FL, the Congress was voting on the war authorization. The main gate was in lockdown, with full armor and BDUs. Our drill site was at a revetment near the runway, full of “purple suits” all in BDUs. Reporting aboard, I was instructed to get to Medical for my immunizations, as we were on a 24 hour recall. I dutifully went to Medical along with a slew of other enlisted and officers.


The Corpsman inoculated me with Anthrax, Bubonic Plague, Cholera, Typhoid and Tetanus. ALL these shots were done AT ONE TIME. I had VERY bad reaction from the multiple inoculations and was extremely sick for 5 days. I was bed ridden with fevers and chills at the same time. After the initial sickness, I would get extreme weakness “sinks.” My wife said I had “metallic smell” to me. The sinks and metallic smell returned to me intermittently for 4 years.  Read More


Unpleasant Subtle and Delayed Effects


As you probably know, a bonus most enjoy with tapping are pleasant continuing subtle and delayed effects.  Typically what we hear about are the wonderful positive effects that continue to unfold.   While you may never encounter anything other than the positives, be aware negative side effects can and do take place.


When we are doing deeper work, getting to deep core issues or certain aspects of complex trauma(s), we can leave a session feeling pretty good. Within hours or days though, we can find ourselves with “unexplainable” anxiety, a bout with the blues, feeling out of sorts, panicky and more.


The logical thing to do would be tap. Right?  But most don’t have the presence of mind to tap or are unable to because they find themselves lost or overwhelmed by the experience.  Others won’t tap – fearful tapping could make it worse, or blame the way they feel on the tapping they have done.   


When people are working solo, it can be enough to permanently turn them off to EFT. 


Why does this happen?  There is no way to say with absolute certainty, but here are few things that have proven to be true.


  • Our bodies and minds are still processing and adjusting to the work we’ve done.

  • Related remnants of issues/aspects are surfacing.

  • Fears yet to be identified could be rearing their heads, related to potential identity crises, what will change or what consequences (real or imagined) will take place with the change, and so on.

  • New issues and aspects may be appearing – related or unrelated.  We may or may not be able to identify them at the time.

  • It may be a form of a “healing crisis”, and will soon pass.  


What do we do?  Above all apply common sense. If you fear that something terrible is happening, immediately consult the appropriate medical professional.  The majority of the time – it is simply related to processing, but don’t hesitate taking proper steps to be certain.   Read More



Follow-up to Unpleasant Effects 


Wow! Thank you for the unexpected level of responses the last article generated. To each of you who responded to share comments and related experiences, sincere thanks.  More than one wrote to say "Thanks for bringing up this important topic."


Here's a link that will take you to the original article:  Click Here to read full article.


It should be emphasized that EFT doesn't cause unpleasant after effects, but can be a precursor. To be clear, it is simply the way that our bodies and minds react and respond during the process of clearing complex issues.


When it translates to a healing crisis, it can be fairly minor or it may be more intense.  With the permission of the writer, here is portion of what they shared:  Read More

Is There Really An Answer? 

Why Does This Keep Happening?



Ever hear anyone frustrated because at the same time of year (or month), just like clockwork they end up in an emotional funk or are visited with a malady? There seems to be no rhyme or reason; and they have run out of emotional clues and trails to pursue. 


Is there really an answer?


There's always an answer.  Patience and persistence will be required. Summon it up and don't throw in the towel, even if you feel the need to take a little break from the adventure of the detective work once in a while.


Won't guarantee that this will work. But when it seems there is no answer, here's something that has produced astonishing results.   


Why Does This Keep Happening?


Frequently encountered are anniversary dates of significant events.  It may even be an event that's been tapped on extensively.  We have to keep in mind that our bodies remember and could still be reacting and responding to!


Conversely, our subconscious minds (or that "protector part" of us) believe they are working in our best interest and may have something locked away so we aren't bringing it to mind. When we give it some thought we tend to have one of those "Oh yeah, now I remember!" moments.  Read More