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Wow! Thank you for the unexpected level of responses the last article generated. To each of you who responded to share comments and related experiences, sincere thanks.  More than one wrote to say "Thanks for bringing up this important topic."


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It should be emphasized that EFT doesn't cause unpleasant after effects, but can be a precursor. To be clear, it is simply the way that our bodies and minds react and respond during the process of clearing complex issues.


When it translates to a healing crisis, it can be fairly minor or it may be more intense.  With the permission of the writer, here is portion of what they shared: 


"In the last session we had addressed the persistent issues with the pain in my side that began over 50 years ago. About 2 hours after our session, I began to feel the familiar very strong pain in my right side.  But it began so suddenly, it was almost scary (this made it suspect because it was very unusual).  Had I not experienced an emotional clearing and release before, I would have been terrified. And onset was so rapid and unusually strong, I actually went to the emergency room!


The results of the tests were "stellar" (healthy as a horse!-)! Amazingly, the problem has never returned, even with food that had previously created a fairly rapid, sickening response!  So long story short, the remaining intermittent issues....working on - on and off for several years has now been officially TOTALLY RESOLVED within 8 hours of our session!!' 


The session referred to above had taken place months before writing about this "scary" event.  Hopefully this longstanding issue is now permanently resolved.


The intent of what is offered here is to build awareness and offer reassurance.While a healing crisis can be startling and frightening, it doesn't necessarily mean you are on the wrong path to achieve your goals. You will notice on the Meta-Medicine page shared below that a healing crisis represents the threshold to restoring balance and EFT is recommended!


Here's a link to a Meta-Medicine/Meta-Health page that offers valuable information about "dis-ease", "healing crises" and more, along with a diagram that helps explain the rhythm between sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems:  Click Here


The awareness that this is not as uncommon as you might think is important. Even when gently and skillfully working with complex issues, there is no way to know exactly how our bodies and minds will react and respond during emotional clearing.

Gaining an understanding and sharing it with those you serve what might take place (or what may have happened) is a wise choice.


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